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StoreStoreSummaryStore summary
CustomerCustomerSummaryCustomer summary
VoucherVoucherSummaryVoucher summary
FeesFeeSummaryFee summary
OrderItemsOrderItem[]Ordered items
DeliveryLocationDeliveryLocationDelivery location for delivery orders
CustomerLocationCoordinatesCustomer location
OrderIdintegerOrder identifier
DeliveryTypestringDelivery type
PickupLocationTypestringPickup location type
TipAmountnumberTip amount
DeliveryAmountnumberDelivery amount
OrderItemsAmountnumberOrdered items amount
AmountnumberThis is the sum of the OrderItemsAmount, DeliveryAmount, TipAmount and Voucher.Amount (which is usually negative) and OnlineOrderingFee for cash orders.
It does not include the OnlineOrderingFee in the case of card orders as this fee is charged by Flipdish directly to the customer.
ProcessingFeenumberThis contains the online ordering processing fee. For card payments this is charged directly to the customer and for cash orders it is paid by the customer to the store. It is tax inclusive.
PaymentAccountTypestringPayment account type
PaymentAccountDescriptionstringPayment account description (like Visa ****2371 or Apple Pay. or Cash)
OrderStatestringOrder state
IsPreOrderbooleanIs pre-order
PlacedTimestringOrder placed time
RequestedForTimestringOrder requested for
ChefNotestringChef note
AppTypestringUsed app type
UserRatingintegerUser rating

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