The Flipdish Catalog

Everything you need to know about the Flipdish catalog

What is the Catalog?

The catalog is the entity in a Flipdish account which holds everything that can be added to menus in Flipdish. It represents all items and options that can be displayed to a customer on a menu. Every account has its own catalog of items and groups. When users view the product management area of the Flipdish Portal, they are viewing all catalog items and catalog groups that they or others have added to their account's catalog.

CatalogItems can be one of two types:

  1. Products
  2. Groups

Products and groups can exist independently in the catalog. They do not need to be added to a menu, but until they are, they will not be presented to customers in any way.


Products can have a type of Product or Modifier. Only products can be added directly to menus.


Groups can have a type of ModifierGroup

Using products, modifier groups and modifiers, we can configure the ordering experience we want for our customers

What is a Catalog Item?

A catalog item is a single item in the catalog. When you create a product in the Flipdish Portal, you are creating a catalog item. When you create a modifier in the Flipdish portal, you are creating a catalog item.

What is a Catalog Group?

A catalog group is simply a collection of catalog items. When you create a modifier group in the Flipdish Portal, you are technically creating a catalog group.


Q: When I create a catalog item or group, does it appear on my menus straight away?
A: No. You could, in theory, create thousands of catalog items and groups, but until you explicitly add them to one or more menus, they will not be available for anyone to order