Automate store creation and setup

Learn how to use the Flipdish API to

  • Create new Store Groups
  • Create new Stores
  • Configure various settings on Stores



Before attempting to automate Store creation, please read the Quick-start guide which will explain how Stores are configured via the Flipdish portal.

The Flipdish portal uses the same APIs that you will work with here. You may find it useful to watch the API calls that the portal makes to learn how to perform particular operations.

This guide will limit its explination of concepts to areas not covered by the guide above.

Example set up procedure

Set general settings for the app

Upload a logo for the app

Set various app config:

Create a new Store Group:

You will need the Store Group Name, which end-users will see if ordering for delivery, and Currency.
All Stores within a Store Group must use the same currency.

Create a new Store

You will need to set a language (using an ISO 639-1 language code) as part of this request. This language is used solely for store operations and does not affect the language that end-users see when ordering online.