MenuItemIdintegerMenu item identifier. This ID may change at any time. Use PublicId if you need a perminant reference to the item.
ActualPricenumberActual price - the minimum price possible when all required option set items prices are included.
ImageUrlstringImage url
MenuItemOptionSetsMenuItemOptionSet[]Menu item option sets
DailySpecialHoursBusinessHoursPeriod[]Daily special hours
PublicIdstringPermanent reference to the item.
NamestringMenu item name (like "Korma")
DescriptionstringDescription (like "A lovely dish from the east")
SpicinessRatingstringSpiciness rating
PricenumberPrice - this is only used when there is no master option set and should be set to 0 if a master option set exists.
DisplayOrderintegerDisplay order
AlcoholbooleanTo be set true if the item or an option of the item contains an alcoholic drink.
IsAvailablebooleanTrue if we accept orders for this item still
CellLayoutTypestringSmall | Medium | Large
Affects the layout of the menu.
DisableVouchersbooleanIf true, then vouchers won't be applied for this item